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Unlock the benefits of joining ENRICH GLOBAL’s talent pool and discover the expertise you need to thrive in the Support Ukraine Innovation initiative:


Benefits from joining Enrich Global

About Opportunities:

  • Continue your professional career and live your normal life, while gaining access to new opportunities.
  • Access job offers in the EU, including the UK and Switzerland, and broaden your horizons.
  • Work remotely with flexible hours, allowing you to achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Professional  integration, reinforcement of  your CV, new experience.
  • ENRICH GLOBAL will provide references for your future employers in case you worked with us.

Get Ahead of the Game:

  • Join a community of open-minded people working in the field of innovation, and connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Contribute to boosting innovation for a better future, and be part of a global network of innovators making a difference.
  • Gain access to best practices in research and innovation, and stay ahead of the game in your field.
  • Learn from other professionals by working together on joint projects and collaborations, and broaden your knowledge and skills.


Let’s Check if You Have What It Takes 

About you:

  • You are a displaced Ukrainian expert with professional background and experience in EU projects.
  • You want to continue working in your field with European organizations and are ready to pursue international cooperation with professional ambitions for development.
  • You are looking for integration into the EU community of experts and consultants.

Also, You Are:

  • Looking to enhance your professional profile and connect with a network of like-minded experts and consultants.

Of Course, It Would Also Be Nice for You to Have:

  • An English-language CV to showcase your expertise to European partners and employers.
  • What to Do Next:
  • Send your English-language CV to Svitlana Bazhenova at

What Else You Need to Know:

  • You will be contacted for an interview and given support in designing your expert profile, which will be included in Enrich Global’s Talent Pool for its members and provided to partners upon request.

Where Else You Will Enrich:

  • At Enrich Global, we create an atmosphere where all experts and consultants feel they belong and are supported to succeed. Join us and become part of a diverse community of talented and committed professionals, where work-life balance is valued and celebrated.

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