Membership form

Current membership fees for 2021:

Member (organisation) Amount of the contribution in 2021
Founding member 0€
Honorary member 0€
Active member if <500 employees and non-for-profit 500€
Active member if <1000 employees 1000€
Active member if >1000 employees 2000€
Benefactor member 3000€
Private person 250€

You can join ENRICH global as:

ACTIVE MEMBERS are the members that pay the contribution to ENRICH GLOBAL and commit to respect the principles defined in article 2 of these bylaws.

BENEFACTOR MEMBERS are active members that pay a membership fees voted by the Board that is higher than the membership fees for active members in order to join the Board during the first 2 years.

Would you like to join ENRICH GLOBAL ? Please send us an email briefly explaining your motivations: