The Thematic Group “Internationalisation – ENRICHs” will serve as a platform for communication and collaboration for the ENRICH projects promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020.

ENRICH is a global network of centres and hubs that promote the internationalisation of European science, technology, and innovation. It currently offers services to connect European research, technology, and business organisations looking for internationalisation in several global frontrunner innovation markets: USA, Latin America, India, Africa, and China.

ENRICH in the USA and ENRICH in Brazil were both piloted since 2017 under the funding of the EC, and have now, in January 2021, both entered in the follow-up second phases – aiming to become fully sustainable networks. Meanwhile, the network of centres in Africa and in India (please check our article on the EU-India Innovation Center by clicking here) are new projects that were launched in 2021.

ENRICH in the USA in its follow-up phase, will continue serving the needs of EU innovators by providing services and offering soft-landing opportunities across the USA, including through Landing Hubs, as such embarking them to a journey in internationalization to the USA, and embedding them into welcoming and nurturing local ecosystems. The services are based on 3 pillars:

  • Education: To inform, educate and prepare European R&I entrepreneurs for the US market – in EU and the USA e.g., through workshops & seminars
  • Connect: To enhance experience at selected global tradeshows/symposiums or roadshows e.g., match & pitch events, immersion tours etc.
  • Soft-landing: To support European innovators to launch the development of R&I partnerships, PoCs and Pilots, organised in partnership with research university-based incubators/ coworking spaces, and supported by mentors

ENRICH in Brazil guides European innovators in each step of their journeys towards innovation with tailor-made activities that range from exclusive training sessions, strategic advice, entrepreneurship guidance, funding matchmaking and other relevant steps to internationalise to Brazil. Its services consist of:

  • Executive Education & Capacity Building: State-of-art learning opportunities to engage in exclusive sessions with top-ranked institutions
  • Solutions & Access to Funding: One-on-one consultancy on how to find and apply for funding opportunities available in Europe and Brazil
  • Effective Networking & Matchmaking: Support in establishing high-level connections with leading European and Brazilian institutions that are shaping up the innovation ecosystem
  • Soft-Landing Hubs: Accreditation process attesting a comprehensive set of services enabling S&T RDI actors to develop long-term partnerships in Brazil and Europe

ENRICH in China started as a Horizon 2020 project, financially supported by the European Commission from 2017 to 2020. ENRICH in China offers unique services to European research, technology and business organisations, connecting them to the Chinese market. ENRICH in China triggers all the scientific and technology collaborative potential of the Chinese market for the benefit of European research organisations and technology-based companies including start-ups and SMEs.

For more details on ENRICH initiatives, please contact Robert Sanders, Internationalisation – ENRICHs Thematic Group Leader at