Climate Change and Sustainability

Led by the University of Thessaly the group is centred around various topics such as resilience against climate change, circular economy, Green Deal, Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus, citizen science, ESG and sustainable development, etc.

About the Climate Change and Sustainability group:

Prof Chrysi Laspidou from the University of Thessaly will lead the group along with Elena Lopez-Gunn (BRIGAID Connect) and Marcla Flores (ANPEI) as co-leaders. The core idea of the Group is:
• Facilitating the set-up of a network of networks working on topics related to climate change & sustainability
• Building capacity through webinars and training courses for professionals towards achieving climate-resilient solutions and innovative schemes
• Supporting the sustainability of EU-funded projects through innovative exploitation plans
• Transfer good practices and technologies resulting from rea case studies all around Europe and worldwide


Prof. Chrysi Laspidou,
University of Thessaly