About the INPACE project

Title: Indo-Pacific-European Hub for Digital Partnerships: Trusted Digital Technologies for Sustainable Well-Being

Acronym: INPACE

Call: HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-91

Period: 1 January 2024 – 30 June 2027

Total budget: €2,500,000.00 EC contribution; and additional contribution from associated partners

Funding: Horizon Europe Programme, grant N 101135568

Project coordinator: G.A.C. Group (Dr Svetlana Klessova)

ENRICH GLOBAL members involved:

  • SPI – Portugal
  • ATC – Greece
  • Scientific Park of Lviv Polytechnic National University – Ukraine
  • RCISD – Hungary BTU – Georgia
  • G.A.C. – France

Full consortium

G.A.C. (France) – coordinator, EGM Easy Global Market (France), ENRICH GLOBAL (international association), Vrije Universiteit – Brussels School of Governance (Belgium), CNRS (France), Eurescom – European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications (Germany), Institut Sinano (international association), Athens Technology Center (Greece), SPI (Portugal), Scientific Park of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), Czech Technical University in Prague ( (Czech Republic), Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Digital4Planet (association, Switzerland), Martel (Switzerland), RCISD (Hungary), BTU Business and Technology University (Georgia), National University of Tokyo (Japan), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Sejong University (Republic of Korea), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (India), Centre for Development of Advanced Computing – CDAC (India).


The mission of INPACE is to actively support the implementation of the Digital Partnerships with Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore, and the cooperation with India in the context of the Trade and Technology Council, by creating a sustainable and interactive multi-stakeholder Indo-Pacific European Hub. The INPACE Hub is organised in 3 pillars:

  • Policy (Activity Cluster 1 – Digital Dialogues, Policy and Education),
  • rolling out digital technologies (Activity Cluster 2 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Well-being),
  • and pushing key technologies forward (Clusters 3 – Trustworthy Decision Support, 4 – Chips of the Future and 5 – Future Networks).

The Hub will create an INPACE Community Platform to support the implementation of Digital Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific. A key element of INPACE is to organise thematically focused discussions and collaboration on the expert level in 17 areas of strategic interest in Thematic Working Groups. This will lead to detailed and strategic outputs based on analytical work and deep domain knowledge.

The collaboration between Europe, India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea will take place through:

  • regular exchanges among leading experts from the partner countries;
  • support to digital policy dialogues at the governmental/institutional level;
  • involvement of an international community of stakeholders – digital innovation community (hosted by ENRICH GLOBAL).

28 events, both thematic and integrated, will provide networking opportunities. INPACE combines three levels of interventions, feeding each other: the expert level, the government level, the broader community of stakeholders. INPACE integrates co-creation, stakeholder engagement, community building. Particular attention is given to the impact and implications of digital technologies from the social and humanistic point of view. Regular communications with the EC and policy makers will ensure compatibility with ongoing efforts and priorities. It will also be assured, through the Asian partners, that the counterparts in the partner countries are informed and supportive of the activities.

INPACE will from the start embed sustainability in the project execution, aiming at the digital community/hub becoming a sustainable long-term expert-driven mechanism for EU-Indo-Pacific collaboration in Digital Technologies and possibly beyond.

Topics of 17 Thematic Working Groups in INPACE

INPACE website: in construction (opening around March 2024)

Contact: Kseniia Savchenko, project manager, ksavchenko(at)group-gac.com