CIVITTA (HQ Estonia)

Started as an alliance of advisory firms in the Baltic States, CIVITTA is now the leading management consultancy from Central Eastern Europe with 23 offices in 16 countries throughout. We have successfully worked in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, completing more than 10 000 projects.

CIVITTA challenges the traditional management consulting industry, providing high-quality fact-based and analytically rigorous services to clients in the public, private, and innovation sectors and challenging them to become more innovative, efficient and dynamic.

Our projects and initiatives spur among a myriad of sectors: building robotics networks across Europe, connecting researchers and innovators for co-development, leading research and adaptation of technologies in blockchain, guiding business development activities for life-changing research products, consulting companies on export strategies and establishing networks among digital innovation hubs for transformative collaborations.

CIVITTA has a team of 300+ consultants, of whom around a third specialize on manage state-of-the-art innovation projects.


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