ENRICH GLOBAL supports Ukraine innovation

ENRICH GLOBAL initiative to support Ukraine innovation 

ENRICH GLOBAL joins and supports the efforts of private and public organisations working together to keep the ecosystem in Ukraine strong and connected to global innovation networks. Many citizens and organisations in Europe are generously supporting charities with cash donations to help Ukrainian families with clothes, food and medical supplies. Members of ENRICH GLOBAL are in contact with Ukrainian colleagues from the “global innovation family” who have now relocated to other countries, leaving everything behind them. Our Ukrainian colleagues are starting again in other European cities and are desperately looking for work and trying to rebuild their careers.

ENRICH GLOBAL is committed to help these professionals find work via new connections and opportunities. As a first action, ENRICH GLOBAL has launched a campaign to raise cash funds with the specific purpose of supporting Ukrainian innovation consultants (several are already known to us) by offering them short term consultancy contracts. The idea is that donors can fund “Innovation Consultant Expert Days”. Donations for these “Innovation Consultant Expert Days” are collected by ENRICH GLOBAL and then transferred to Ukrainian innovation consultants in the form of service contracts for consultancy missions. The objective of the missions will serve to strengthen the Ukrainian innovation ecosystem and build strong connections and opportunities for the long-term.