How to join us ?

You can join ENRICH global as:

ACTIVE MEMBERS you share the values and objectives of ENRICH GLOBAL, become part of the community and can have different roles such as contributing to shaping the future of the association at the general assemblies. Active members usually work on projects or initiatives related to the internationalisation of research and innovation, or are interested in them, or support other organisations in the related topics, or provide relevant services, education etc. Members pay an annual membership fee to ENRICH GLOBAL.  Payment of the membership fee only starts from 2022, unless the annual General Assembly decides to postpone the membership fee collection for all members. Previously voted fees are indicated below.

BENEFACTOR MEMBERS, you are an active member and will pay membership fees starting from 2022, you’ll also be asked to make a donation to ENRICH GLOBAL of a minimum amount decided by the Board. This will allow you to join the Board of the Association if you wish so.

HONORARY MEMBERS, you voluntarily contribute to the realisation of the objectives of ENRICH GLOBAL, without paying membership fees because of your international prestige. This is generally reserved for non for profit or major national or international public organisations that will increase the visibility of the association. Honorary members are appointed by Board members.

Would you like to join ENRICH GLOBAL? Please learn more about our current procedure to join us below.

Current procedure to join ENRICH GLOBAL as a member:

1. Potential members fill in a new member application form (available for download here) and send it back to jointly with one letter of support/recommendation’s email from one of our Board members.

If you do not know any of our Board members to ask for your letter of support/recommendation, please send an accompanying email explaining your motivation to join ENRICH GLOBAL at

2. Once the new member application form and the letter of support/recommendation or explanation received, the Board will make a decision about your application to join ENRICH GLOBAL. The Desk will communicate its decision within a maximum of two months, indicatively.

3. Once accepted, new members of ENRICH GLOBAL will complete the member information sheet (to be sent by the ENRICH GLOBAL Desk) to finalise their application. Please note members joining ENRICH GLOBAL in 2021 won’t have to pay membership fees for 2021, and until decided otherwise only organisations will be accepted as members

Example of membership fees voted for 2021

These fees are provided for indication. They were voted in 2021, and are re-voted every year.  However, by the decision of the General Assembly, payment of the membership fee will only start from 2022 or from later on (e.g. 2023), if this is decided by the upcoming General Assembly.

Member (organisation) Amount of the contribution in 2021
Founding member 0€
Honorary member 0€
Active member if <500 employees and non-for-profit 500€
Active member if <1000 employees 1000€
Active member if >1000 employees 2000€
Benefactor member 3000€
Private person 250€