RCISD – Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development (Hungary)

The Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development (RCISD) is an innovative SME, founded by scientists and R&D managers to carry out scientific research but also to manage R&D projects and to participate in coordination & support actions. As a fast-moving actor, the flexibility of an SME makes it possible to identify and address real market needs and opportunities. RCISD is an “exchange place” between scientific knowledge and managerial skills which are brought together to establish mechanisms, provide services and set up and manage common activities. RCISD also provides a forum where several organisations from different sectors can meet, exchange views and prepare themselves for joint R&D projects. With its resources and specialised tools RCISD aims to lower the barrier between ideas and implementation to make it easier for innovative players to exploit research results and contribute to the European Research Area and a sustainable European competitive position in global economy. The backbone of RCISD is the qualification and experience of human resources having long-standing experience in project participation (both from the scientific and the management side) supported by the European Commission (since FP4). As a well-established platform for regional and international cooperation RCISD is particularly interested in contributing to the development and integration of support strategies and decision-making practices in strategic international cooperation projects

 Website: www.rcisd.eu

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