Who are we?

ENRICH GLOBAL is a non-for-profit  member-driven association, founded in 2020 and set up under the French law of the 1st of July 1901 by a group of 12 founding members, public and private organisations based in Brazil, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, and the USA.

ENRICH GLOBAL builds a future for innovation-related international collaboration by connecting existing initiatives, ENRICH and others, and providing support to building sustainable collaborative programmes. But also, services, networks, and tools, bringing together expert members interested to develop and reinforce their innovation-related collaboration, learning from and sharing with others.

The objective of ENRICH GLOBAL is to contribute to the development of European scientific, technological and innovation excellence, reinforce innovation competitiveness and internationalisation and take European innovation global (and vice versa), by:

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