ENRICH GLOBAL recently launched an initiative to support Ukraine Innovation, details regarding the initiative can be found here. The goal is to raise overall awareness and help ENRICH GLOBAL, our partners and Ukrainian organisations identify the best way to support Ukraine Innovation in specific activities. Together we will build strong partnerships to ensure Ukraine Innovation is strengthened now, and in the future

The ENRICH GLOBAL Road Map to support Ukraine Innovation is to be developed by a Ukrainian innovation consultant, Inna Petrenko, whom we are pleased to hire with our first service contract with the donated expert days by ENRICH GLOBAL members and their networks.

“I am very grateful to ENRICH GLOBAL for the support of the Ukraine Innovation initiative. It is vital for Ukraine to continue developing its innovation ecosystem, as a rapid economic recovery could be reached with drivers such as innovation and technology. Ukrainian innovators, businesses do not give up and continue their operations despite anything and right now strengthening Ukraine’s innovation community and ecosystem linkage and collaboration with global innovation networks, especially of the European Union, is a hand of support needed. The return is a long-term gain of strong partnerships of the global innovation ecosystem with inclusion of Ukraine to its “family”.” Inna Petrenko, Ukrainian Innovation Consultant.

If you would like to support our initiative, please send your ideas and input to Inna Petrenko by email innapetrenko.ip@gmail.com, call for donations is still running, more information to be found here.