We are thrilled to welcome Rania Bou Said, ENRICH GLOBAL in-house Consultant for the ARSINOE project. Specializing in developing holistic WEFE solutions and assessing their feasibility from a social, environmental, technical, and economic aspect and under climate pressures. She pursued her Master’s degree in Rural Community Development at the American University of Beirut under the guidance of Dr. Rabi Mohtar. Her research involved the innovative testing of WEFE models under hydro-climatic scenarios in collaboration with INRAE in France, under the supervision of Dr. Roger Moussa.

Previously, Rania served as a project coordinator at MAGO, a Water Reuse Project funded by PRIMA, EU. Her expertise lies in developing and evaluating innovations through advanced modelling techniques and engaging diverse stakeholders. She is passionate about effectively communicating scientific findings and innovations through various mediums including social media, policy briefs, videos, and presentations.

Rania is committed to driving positive change in sustainability, aiming to tackle environmental, economic, and societal challenges through proactive problem-solving and sustainable innovations. In her role within ARSINOE, she will collaborate closely with Inna Petrenko and Justine Defosse to support the community of practice in climate change and resilience. Additionally, she will play a key role in developing new environmental, agricultural, and WEFE-themed international project proposals with members of ENRICH GLOBAL.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Rania as she embarks on this exciting journey with us!