Foresight and Innovation Management

This Thematic Group, led by DLR, seeks to provide a systemic framework for conceptualizing and planning for the future as part of the Innovation Management.

About the Foresight and Innovation Management Thematic Group

Foresight seeks to provide a systemic framework for conceptualizing and planning for the future as part of Innovation Management. Done correctly, it can reveal challenges and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your organization.

With our online course offer, we aim to introduce you to the world of foresight via theoretical impulses combined with practical sessions. Foresight and Co-creation increase the transparency of multiple stakeholder measures and create strategic value by permitting an organization to steer proactively towards desired future developments.

New course available: Navigating futures- capacity building on Strategic Foresight 

123 of the Fortune 500 companies, that represent the firms with the world’s highest revenues, have created a department on Strategic Foresight.

We offer training courses on anticipatory decision making – so-called Strategic Foresight. The course will help innovative organisations and companies to account for potential future developments and the possible convergence of long-term trends. This, in turn, will support them in developing a long-term consistent strategy and vision, beyond mere day-to-day business. The Strategic Foresight approach and mindset will support organisations and companies in becoming more agile and more resilient in a highly complex and uncertain landscape. More generally, all decision-makers who look to think more strategically about their position and seek to improve it will find this course useful to think about the future constructively.

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Anneken Reise,
Senior Scientific Officer,